About Us

While natural medicine has taken hold in today’s society, there is still a lack of comprehensive and neutral information related to some of these natural treatments. In traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, cupping therapy plays a large role in the holistic care patients receive. From the many benefits it provides to the long and decorated history, cupping is an integral therapy. Unfortunately, there is very little information available online related to Chinese cupping therapy or the Islamic Al Hijama therapy.

This site was created to fill this void and create a resource to include all the information someone would want to know related to cupping therapy. Even though cuppingresource.com is currently the most comprehensive site for cupping therapy, as time moves on the site will change. It will evolve to include the newest research and techniques while still keeping a neutral stance on the viability and use of cupping therapy.

While visiting the site, if you have any suggestions related to topics you would like to see included on the site please let us know. The more ideas we have for topics, the closer we will be to truly covering all aspects of cupping therapy.