Best Cupping Sets

After researching the different types and brands of cupping sets available, we have compiled this short list of the best reviewed cupping sets for both home and professional use.

Best Chinese Cupping Set

Best Chinese Cupping Set

Not only does this set come with the actual cups needed for Chinese cupping therapy or Hijama, but it comes with a hand pump and case. This Acuzone set has a great reputation among professionals. The best part is that this set will not break the bank and is extremely affordable.

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Best Silicone Cupping Set

The use of silicone for cupping sets is relatively new in the history of cupping therapy, however it is quickly becoming a go-to choice for massage therapists and consumers who want to have the benefits of massage cupping at their home. This Lure cupping set comes with 4 cups opposed to the 17 in the full cupping set, but this is mainly due to the massaging aspect that the silicone cups are known for. The variety in cup sizes is also a nice feature. Users will agree that a good massage oil is a necessity and will make the gliding of the cups across the skin much easier.

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Best Glass Cupping Cet

Choosing this product was a difficult task, mainly because there is not much differentiation from a round glass cup to the next. That being said I focused mainly on ease of access for you as the reader and wanted to give a little bonus. Keep in mind that using the glass cups means you will be performing fire cupping, so you will need some forceps.

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Best Facial Cupping Set

When dealing with facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction, the large size silicone cups just won’t do it. You need to be able to pinpoint small areas of your face and neck.

I knew I had to include this cupping set on the list because of the great reviews and its simplicity.

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Best Forceps (hemostat) for Cupping Therapy

Aven 12017 Stainless Steel Hemostat StraightBelieve it or not this can make or break (burn?) your fire cupping success. You want a quality pair of forceps that you can count on.

A hemostat is a type of forcep, so if you decide to do any other shopping keep that in mind as a potential search term. The Aven Hemostat has some nice features that will greatly assist your cupping ventures.

Not only is it stainless steel, but it has a locking function that will make the cotton ball secure and under control when pulling it out of cups. The flat tips and 6″ length make this a perfect choice for fire cupping.

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