Best Facial Cupping Sets

After scouring through cupping sets and reviews, I have come up with a list of the top facial cupping sets currently available. While similar, they all have slight differences in the types of “bonus” features come with the sets. You can find current reviews and pricing at the links provided.

1.LURE Facial Cupping Massage Set for Anti Aging Face, Neck and Chest – This facial cupping set not only has great review, but LURE has some of the best silicone cupping sets available whether they are full size cups, massage cups, or facial cups. This set comes with four small cups, 2 facial cups and 2 even smaller eye cups for more precise pinpointing.

2. Cupping Warehouse Classic Facial 4 Massage Cupping Set – Similar to the LURE set, the Cupping Warehouse set comes with 4 cups ( 2 small cups, and 2 smaller cups). What differentiates this product from the LURE set is that it includes a free membership to their site which includes videos and tutorials.

3. Epicura Facial Massage Cupping Set – So far the first three sets are very similar. Four cups, two sizes, but the reviews for the LURE and Epicura sets are marginally better than the Cupping Warehouse option. The carrying pouch for the Epicura set is a nice touch, especially since you save a few dollars compared to LURE.

The best deal to end the list….

4. LURE Combo Set for Body and Face – For $7 more than the four cup facial cupping set, you can add three more body cups that are slightly larger for use on larger areas of the body legs, arms, etc. Plus the cups are from LURE which prides itself on customer service.

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