Best Glass Cupping Sets

Choosing a glass cupping set should be easy and we would like to think they are all the same, but ensuring that you are buying a set made of quality glass is important to the safety of the cupping therapy session. I’ve compiled a short list of the best glass cupping sets currently available.

1. Royal Massage 12 piece Glass Cupping Set – The Royal Massage set is by far one of the most popular glass cupping sets available. This set offers four different sizes of cups with flat edges on the top and bottom essential to creating a good seal and making the cups easy to handle. The best part is that this set is discounted quite a bit making this highly rated set a steal.

2. K.S. Choi Glass Cupping Set, 15 pieces – This set includes more cups than the Royal Massage set, however you choose the size. In other words, you get 3 more cups for a lower total price, but you lose variety. The glasses are very sturdy and well reviewed. Size 4 is the most popular choice.

3. Glass Cupping Set with Bulbs  – This is probably the coolest of the glass cupping sets. If you want the glass cupping feel without the flame, this set was made for you. The cups have rubber bulbs on top so you can control the suction. The set is manufactured in and ships from Germany, so it won’t be there the next day, but they would be worth the wait. There is a 3 cup set  and a 10 cup set .

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