Bioenergetic Analysis – Benefits, How it works, and Research

Bioenergetic Analysis or BA is a form of healing that has its basis in the philosophy propagated by Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. It explores the relationship that you have with your body and seeks to balance your natural energy or life energy. BA believes that by studying and synchronizing the patient’s aura, the healer can detect and treat illnesses even before they start to manifest themselves. In this way, BA is a kind of body-psychotherapy.

What is Bioenergetic Analysis?

To quote Dr. Alexander Lowen, founder of Bioenergetic Analysis, “It (BA) integrates a work with the body, with the patient’s interpersonal relationships, and with his mental processes; each of which is correlated and interpreted in terms of the others…. Bioenergetic Analysis starts with the reality of the body and its basic functions of motility and expression”.

Bioenergetic Analysis is based on your state of being, your existence, and your connection with the environment in which you live. As long as you are healthy, you’re completely in tune with your surroundings. However, when you start to feel unwell, you lose that connection with the world and start to withdraw into yourself. Bioenergy helps you feel alive and well, and thus, mentally and physically healthy.

To treat you, the healer creates a psychotherapeutic relationship with you where you enter into a secure and caring cocoon. By helping you resolve your emotional issues, the healer reawakens your neurobiological energies to restore your health and treat illnesses. BA stresses that all the experiences a person has beginning at childhood imprint themselves in every cell, muscle, and brain neuron. These stored negative memories, feelings and experiences result in a range of physical and emotional issues and consequently, ailments.

Bioenergy can help you rebuild your relationship with your parents and any other childhood caregivers by providing the same caring and nurturing that you received from them. Side by side, you can release stored impressions by deep breathing, complex movements, and expressing yourself under the expert yet caring supervision of a trained professional. As a result of the therapy, you’ll find renewed energy and well-being that you can apply in life. Moving forward, you’ll develop better intimacy and a healthy sexual relationship with your partner along with close bonds with family members and friends.

History of Bioenergetic Analysis

Wilhelm Reich was the student of Freud who first developed psychoanalysis. Based on this philosophy, Wilhelm started his work during the 1930s using a psychotherapeutic approach in working directly on the human body. His system of Vegetotherapy was structured around deep breathing aimed at enhancing emotional experiences and promoting health and well-being. Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos, having studied under Wilhelm, used his philosophy to create what is today called Bioenergetic Analysis in 1958.

How the Therapy Administered

Image result for bioenergetic therapyWhen you sign up for a Bioenergetic Analysis session, the therapist begins by understanding the entire person that is you. She may study your body language to pick up your aura and life energy. In addition, she listens to your thoughts and words and reads your emotions. In this way, she is able to sense the hidden nuances and perceptions of the past, present, and future that you may or may not consciously express or even be unaware of yourself.

People give away what they think and feel from their posture, gestures and actions, the way they breathe and move, and their facial expressions. These are the indications that the healer looks out for. She also identifies the psychological defenses you’ve created to shield yourself against the physical or emotional trauma of the past. By helping you eliminate these defenses, the therapist fills you with life, helps you feel joyful and full of love,and promotes good health. By giving up your hidden fears, you can truly embrace the essence of life.

BA encompasses both physical and emotional healing including massage therapy, acupressure on specific points on the body, hugging, and support, among others. The healer also directs the patient to perform certain exercises, assume particular postures, build an imaginary connection with objects, focus on mental images, and interact with the therapist.

Bioenergetic Exercises

In the absence of a therapist, you can conduct certain bioenergetic exercises in your own home and release some of the stress and anxiety.

  • Kicking: Lay back on the bed and keep your knees raised. Next, holding your ankle relaxed, you must kick towards the ceiling so that your leg is lifted perpendicular to the bed. You can kick from 20 to 200 times depending on your tolerance levels. This activity can help you in two ways. You draw energy to the pelvis, legs, and feet and breathe deeply. Further, you release stress, anger, and frustration by kicking.
  • Blanket Roll: Roll up an old woolen blanket into a firm cylinder. Lay the roll on the floor and lie on it so that the edge of the roll lies right below your shoulder blades. Raise your arms upwards so that your diaphragm and chest is lifted and fills with air. Inhale and exhale with deep breaths. Allow crying sounds to escape so that you also let go of your deep emotions and feelings.
  • Grounding: Stand with your feet a foot apart, parallel to each other. Keep your knees relaxed, and legs somewhat flexed. Slowly relax your body beginning with the jaw, shoulders, belly, and moving on to the knees. Slowly bend forward in a rolling motion from the waist until your fingers touch the floor. Breathe and hold the position for a few seconds. You’ll soon start to sense a vibration or tingling sensation in your legs. Raise yourself up slowly in a gentle rolling motion.

Benefits of Bioenergetic Analysis

bioenergetic therapy
The Responsive Universe

Bioenergetic Therapy can help you with all ailments and conditions. Based on testimonials from patients who have undergone the treatment, here is a list of some of the issues the therapy can successfully treat.

  • Injuries and ease of movements
  • Lung infections
  • Brain stem injury
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritic pain
  • Symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes
  • Hypertension
  • Skin issues
  • Throat infections
  • Obesity and general health issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Asthma
  • Tumors

Research on the Effectiveness of the Therapy

Here are some clinical studies conducted on the efficacy of Bioenergetic Therapy or BA.

  • Studies carried out at the University of California on 66 patients showed that bioenergy or meta-analysis healing is effective in helping patients with acute pain arising from conditions like cancer. The therapy can also help patients with dementia and agitation and lowers anxiety levels in patients scheduled for open heart surgery.
  • Based on the interest and possible effectiveness of BA, in 1984 the US Congress set up a distinct department at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), called the Office of Alternative Medicine. The following year, a budget of $5.4 million was allocated to the study of BA or “bioelectromagnetics” as the NIH denoted it.
  • Several clinical studies are underway at different hospitals and universities on BA under the category of “Reconnective Healing” at the University of Arizona, University of Miami Medical School, University of Minnesota, the VA Hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Although Bioenergetic Analysis has been in the news since 1958, several cultures across the world have believed in this form of healing for thousands of years. The Indian term, “prana,” Japanese term, “qi,” and Chinese term, “ch’i” all stand for the innate energies of every person and how its free flow has a potent effect on health and well-being. Thus, BA can prove to be a very effective method for bringing about healing in a patient by addressing the physical, mental and emotional issues he or she has been dealing with over a lifetime.

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