Crystal Therapy Guide

Over the ages, humans from all cultures across the world have held a fascination for crystals. Aside from their beauty and allure which makes them coveted possessions, they are believed to have healing energies that can help people with many physical and mental ailments and provide protection from diseases. In modern times, crystal therapy is used as a form of alternative treatment by healers practicing massage therapy and Reiki to complement the healing they provide. Although proponents are completely convinced that crystal therapy does work, science does not support it for lack of evidence.

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What is Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is based on the ancient healing forms from China, India, and other eastern locations. These cultures believe in the life force or life energy that governs the health and well-being of a person. As long as this “qi” or “chi” flows unobstructed through the meridians or chakras, the person remains healthy. Crystals have healing energies vibrating within them and act as channels to relay these energies into the body so that the balance in the life energy is synchronized and maintained. As the chakras become aligned, the negative energy that causes diseases and ailments is forced out and positive healing energy takes it place.

Different crystals can bring about various kinds of healing in the body. After each session of crystal therapy, patients talk about the relaxation, tranquility, and pleasure they feel. The feelings of rejuvenation, happiness, and serenity they feel may be the ideal states to achieve good health and wellness.

Why Crystal Therapy Works

If you were to look at a crystal under a microscope, you would notice that its structure is made of consistent geometric patterns comprising of molecules, atoms, and ions pressed together. This network of elements carries an electromagnetic charge absorbed from the earth’s gravitational field where the stones occur. The electromagnetic charges are in fact, healing energies that can communicate with the energies of the body. In this way, they can restore the skewed balance and restore wellness of the mind, spirit, and body.

When using crystals for healing, therapists carefully choose the colored stone that corresponds to the particular energy point or organ of the body. For instance, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red are placed on different points beginning with the top of the head to the tailbone. They may also choose each crystal according to the healing properties and energies it is known to have.

History of Crystal Therapy

The word, “crystal” is taken from the Greek term for ice. They believed that clear quartz crystals are a form of water so firmly frozen that it had lost the property to melt. They also used other crystals believing in their different properties, For instance, they carried or wore amethyst or “not drunken” because it was believed to help them stay sober. They rubbed hematite on themselves to absorb its warrior making capabilities because iron was associated with the God of war, Mars.

Image result for crystal therapy stonesHowever, the first usage of the healing properties of crystals has been found in tomb sites dating back to 6,000 years. Ancient Mesopotamians, Sumerians, and Egyptians all used crystals as jewelry for protection against ailments, diseases, and negative energy. Some of the most common stones they used were turquoise, topaz, carnelian, and lapis lazuli. Many ancient religious texts also have references to crystals and precious stones. For instance, the garnet in the 4th heaven as mentioned in the Koran and the Kalpa Tree made of precious stones as described in Hinduism.

Interestingly, many cultures such as the Mayans, Aztecs, and Chinese developed the use of the same crystals to treat similar ailments without having interacted or communicated with each other long before the age of global travel and explorations. For instance, jade was used in all cultures for treating kidney issues.

Many studies were carried out on crystals in the early 19th century to determine if they could help predict the future but were largely unsuccessful. Modern day crystal therapy has its roots in the healing concepts taken from Asian cultures, namely Chinese, Hindu, and Buddhist. Even though science does not recognize the efficacy of crystal therapy, it continues to be used to help people.

How a Crystal Therapy Session is Performed

When you sign up for crystal therapy, the therapist begins by spending time with you to understand your personality, lifestyle, and the medical or physical issues for which you’re looking for treatment. An important aspect of the initial consultation is the study of your aura that the therapist analyzes thoroughly. By assessing the aura, the therapist can work out the right crystals to use to help restore the balance of your aura and life energy.

The aura is the invisible emanation or radiation that is believed to surround every person. This aura is related to your mental, emotional, and spiritual persona and life energy. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, you can unconsciously sense it when you instinctively like or dislike a new person you meet for no particular reason.

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Your healing session begins with the therapist asking you to lay down on a couch. After helping you reach a state of complete relaxation, she places crystals in a grid formation on the chakra points of the body or around your body. As the session proceeds, you might sense a tingling feeling as the energy fields are realigned with the healing properties of the crystals. Some people also sense that the medical or physical issues they have are somewhat enhanced before they start to dissipate and heal. Your therapist will walk you through the sensations guiding you on what to do next.

Each crystal has unique healing properties that are identified by the color it displays. Therapists are trained in the understanding of the chakras and they use the appropriate crystals to correct the imbalances depending on the symptoms you report. Accordingly, the stones are placed above the head, on the forehead, and on the throat and chest. The diaphragm, stomach, gut, genital area, and thighs are other targeted points.

In Conclusion

Although Western medicine regards crystal therapy with some amount of skepticism, believers from many cultures are convinced of their healing powers. The basic factor about this healing modality is that it is non-invasive and safe. It is not likely to harm you in any way and can only bring about positive results. Aside from taking crystal therapy from a trained professional, you can also opt to use the healing power of the stones by using them in other ways. Whatever may be the method you choose, the crystals are sure to bring you healing, health, and wellness.

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