Cupping for Anxiety and Depression

cupping-anxietyFeelings of sadness and anxiety at some time or the other are very common in people of all ages. But, when these feelings last for longer periods and are accompanied by suicidal thoughts and tendencies along with other symptoms, the patients might need some added help. Cupping therapy and the relaxation it gives to patients can help alleviate the symptoms and bring relief. To understand how cupping can help, one must first understand why patients get depressed.

Causes of Depression

While there are many mental causes of depression, sometimes physical and external factors can also cause anxiety. Such factors can include taking steroids or hormone supplements and giving up smoking. Some people develop depression after a brain injury or because of low thyroid levels. Anemia, chronic pain, cancer, and even some infectious diseases can cause depression and anxiety. Imbalances in the chemical levels of the brain are yet another reason why patients display signs of depression.

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Types of Cupping for Depression

When you consult a certified cupping practitioner, he will likely recommend treatment by using a combination of three types of cupping. In the first session, he’ll perform wet cupping on the back along the spine. In the subsequent sessions, depending on the feedback he receives from the patient, he will likely perform massage and fixed cupping to help the body detoxify. Cupping therapy for depression usually takes about six sessions and therapists perform healing on the different stress points of the patient’s back and legs. You’ll also receive a healthy diet plan that helps with the removal of toxins from your body to promote healing.

Why Cupping Therapy Works

Cupping therapy works to remove the toxins, impurities, dead cells and lymph, and other debris from the body. It can also eliminate disease-causing pathogens. As blood circulation in the body improves, the cells receive a fresh infusion of blood that is rich with oxygen and nutrients. The injuries and muscle knots in the cells heal and as the chemicals and pollutants are removed from the body by natural processes, the patient feels the depression fading away.

Cupping can alleviate pain by healing the inflammations in the body caused by injuries and infections. Inflammation is typically noticed when there is stagnant blood in a particular area of the body and cupping can cause the draining away of stagnant blood and impurities. It can relax the patient and even those complaining of insomnia are likely to fall into a deep sleep during the session.

Thus, cupping when performed by an expert, certified practitioner can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety and restore health, happiness, and wellness.

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