Cupping for Back Pain

bonsai-treeIn today’s times where life progresses at a breakneck speed, stress is a common ailment with most people and studies have shown that it is directly related to back pain. Cupping therapy has shown amazing results in alleviating symptoms and as expert Chinese cupping therapists will tell you, the pain you feel is a result of the blockages in the natural movement of life energy or ”qi” and blood in the body.

Injuries like pulled muscles can also cause life energy to stagnate in the body. By using suction on specific points on the patient’s body, healers can help with the release of this blockage and thus promote pain relaxation.

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Cupping therapy that acts like a reverse of massage treatments is able to loosen stiff muscles, release the pressure on pinched muscles and also relax the myofascial network with the patient’s body. This network is like a web of tissue that covers the muscular system. Cupping therapy works to suck blood to the surface and thus relax tight and tensed muscle tissue. It can also help to correct the misalignment of the spine.

A small cup of glass or silicone is heated by boiling to high temperatures that also serves to sterilize it. Heat can also be introduced by placing a burning object inside it. This object is removed and the cup is immediately inverted over the pressure points on the patient’s back, shoulders, legs or hips. In certain cases the therapist might apply oil on the skin and move the cup so that it provides a massage-like treatment by way of gliding cupping. Silicone cups like these are used for massage cupping.

While cupping therapy has shown to be very effective in treating back pain, therapists might also recommend adding acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic care as supplementary treatments.

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