Cupping Therapy for Congestion

bonsai-treeCongestion or the buildup of phlegm and other fluids in the lungs can cause a range of breathing or respiratory issues like cough, asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. All these issues if not treated in time can result in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a condition that finally leads to damage to the lungs. Cupping therapy can help eliminate these problems by targeting the root cause – congestion. Cupping can cure the cough and breathlessness you feel without surgery or the use of medication that can have side effects. Here’s how.

Cupping Therapy vs. Conventional Medicine

Cupping therapy works on the belief that using the proper methods, therapists can induce the movement of healing energy in the patient’s body so that it can heal itself. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, aims to treat the symptoms of a condition without really understanding the underlying reasons behind it. If you have a cough and are bringing up phlegm, you need treatment that can clear the phlegm, congestion, mucous, and other harmful fluids from your lungs. If they are not removed, they accumulate harmful bacteria that thrive on them. After a while, these bacteria can travel to other organs in your body causing various other diseases. When you cough, that is your body’s immunity reacting to the buildup and its attempts to clear your lungs.

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Why Cupping Therapy Helps Congestion

Cupping therapy works because it aims to loosen the congestion and fluids from your lungs so that the body can safely expel them. It also induces the immunity system of your body to react against the congestion to help clear it. When the cup with vacuum is placed over the patient’s body, it creates a negative suction that induces the flow of blood to the area. Not only do the lungs receive a fresh infusion of healing, oxygen, nutrients and lymph, but the blood also works to cleanse it of the impurities and other debris it may have accumulated. In this way, the muscles of your respiratory system are healed and become stronger. They become more efficient and are stimulated to eliminate the congestion and stagnation.

Methods for Relief

To relieve congestion, your healer will likely use the methods of massage cupping or gliding cupping. She prepares the area to be treated by applying essential oils, balms, creams, or any such item to provide the necessary lubrication. Next, she places the inverted cup on the upper back and creates a vacuum by sucking out the air. She moves the cup gently in an upward and downward motion on either side of the spine. At times, she might also use circular motions. This session is conducted for around 20 minutes. Depending on the severity of your congestion, she might choose to perform the treatment on your chest also. While two such sessions should suffice to cure the stagnation, you can request for an additional session if you need it. Interestingly, this procedure is completely safe and can be performed on babies also.

Effects of the Cupping Therapy Session

Cupping therapy removes the buildup of excess heat in the lungs and clears them of the congestion, phlegm, and fluids. You will notice that the persistent cough you have had for a while is easing up. You might also notice that your breathing is much improved. You will feel more relaxed as the ribs loosen and your lungs function better.

While cupping therapy is a truly effective method of clearing congestion, you must take care to consult a certified practitioner who has the necessary licenses. You can also choose to ask around and work with a healer that has received good testimonies from the patients he has treated in the past.

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