Cupping Therapy for Detox

Ying_yang_signDetoxification is the process by which the body is allowed to rest and is provided with the essential nutrients it needs. This nutrition boost can help it cleanse itself from the impurities present. As the blood cleanses itself, toxins and impurities are removed by the liver, skin, kidneys, lymph, and intestines. Cupping therapists can help speed up the detoxification process by providing cupping therapy on particular spots of the patient’s body. Here’s how:

Principles behind Cupping Therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the theory that the body remains healthy as long as “qi” or “chi” also known as the energy flows in the body stay constant and uninterrupted. Injuries and illnesses can result in the energy and blood circulation stagnating. If the blood is unable to circulate properly, impurities begin to build up inside the body. Impurities can include pathogenic elements, toxins, dead and dying blood cells and lymph, in addition to broken down and worn out cell debris. This buildup can in turn cause other illnesses in the body. To induce the body to heal itself, these impurities need to be removed. In other words, the body needs to detoxify.

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How Cupping Therapy Works

Cupping-chinese_medicineCupping therapy is conducted with the help of cups of different sizes designed for the specific areas of the body. As suction is created, the impurities lying inside the inner layers of muscles and tissues are pulled towards the inner surface of the skin. As they accumulate under the skin, you will notice the skin changing color. Once the impurities are drawn from the deeper tissues, fresh blood and lymph rushes to the area. This blood brings new nutrients and oxygen to the injured or unhealthy site. As a result, the damaged cells are healed and the body feels refreshed and rejuvenated. The blood and lymph also work to carry away the toxins to the liver, kidneys, skin, intestines, and, lungs so that they are expelled naturally.

Why Marks Occur

Circular marks on the skin occur when capillaries under the skin break as they release the toxins and sticky proteins. The various colors and appearance of the skin after the cupping session indicates the severity of the condition. They also reveal the added sessions that will be needed to eliminate all the negative energies and toxins from the body. The colors of these marks can range from pinkish that disappears in a few hours to deep purple that can take anywhere between three days to a week to clear completely.

Reading the Appearance of the Skin

If the marks are darker in color, this indicates that there are severe impurities stagnating in the body. The lighter the marks, the healthier the patient is. Athletes and physically active people that sweat a lot are likely to have the minimum of marks. On the other hand, patients that live and work in places where there is a high amount of toxins in the environment, are likely to show darker bruises and marks. Areas of the body with long-term injuries that have not healed properly might also show darker bruises. The time taken for the dissipation of the marks depends on how healthy your blood circulation is. Accordingly, your therapist will recommend added sessions until all the toxins are effectively removed. You will notice that each successive healing results in fewer and fewer marks as the body heals.

To help the body rejuvenate, the therapist will recommend that you have light, balanced meals before and after the sessions. Drinking lots of water and other fluids can also speed up the detoxification process. Do take care to avoid alcohol, caffeine, heavy and oily foods so your body has time to rest and heal.

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