Cupping Therapy to Boost your Immune System

Warding off diseases and staying healthy by boosting your immune system is preferable to getting sick and looking for cures. Cupping therapy is a potent form of noninvasive treatment that can strengthen the body so it can resist ailments better. The Chinese believed that the life energy or “qi” flows through the channels or meridians in the body and by stimulating certain points on the patient’s body, it is possible to encourage the free movement of this energy and thus, cure illnesses. In a healthy body, these points can empower different organs to stay disease fee and healthy.

How Cupping Works with your Immune System

Cupping therapy causes reverse pressure on the skin. As the skin rises in the cups, blood leaks out of the capillaries into the tissues just below the skin. This is why; you notice the typical bruising at the sites where the healer performs cupping. As a result of the treatment, the cells in the body develop a larger number of receptors on their surface and can respond better to an enzyme called HO-1 or heme oxygenase-1.

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HO-1 has many important functions in the body. To begin with, it removes the iron content from the old, worn out blood cells so that it can be recycled into new cells. It also acts as an antioxidant, and protects your body cells against harmful elements. HO-1 can protect your liver from damage and reduce the inflammation in the body. In this way, HO-1 is highly effective in regulating your immune system and alleviating pain. By preventing swelling in the tissues, it can prevent the symptoms of asthma, cough, fever and various digestion issues.

Cupping therapy is also known to release histamines that work to make the capillaries more receptive to white blood cells and certain proteins. Together the cells and proteins can fight infection causing allergens and pathogens. In this way, the histamines can protect the body and prevent illnesses.

How Cupping Therapy is Performed

Acupressure, acupuncture, and different forms of cupping including dry cupping, fire cupping and moxibustion all target specifically 5 points on the patient’s body. Since the meridians run on both sides of the body, it is important that therapy is performed on either side. As your therapist will explain, typically one side of the body is more sensitive than the other and this is why, it is essential that both points are stimulated to maintain harmony. The points are named based on which meridian they can be found.

Point 1: Stomach 36

Where to find it: You’ll find this point below the bottom of your kneecap at a distance of three cms. You can also locate it by placing four fingers below the knee. Now, check the area on the outside of the shinbone or the tibia. You’ll likely find a tender spot like a depression.
Importance: The Stomach 36 is considered the most important point for enhancing the immunity of the whole body. By stimulating it, you can nourish and rejuvenate the life energy and blood cells. You can also boost the energy reserves of the body and calm the spirit. The form of cupping therapy in which the therapist burns moxa herbs to cause suction is highly effective especially in patients that have crossed the age of 30 years.

Point 2: Spleen 6

Where to find it: Place four fingers on the spot just above the ankle bone on the inside of the leg. You can find the Spleen 6 just behind the shinbone or tibia. This point is tender to the touch and is easier to find in women since it is softer.
Importance: Cupping the Spleen 6 is highly potent because it is the main node where the meridians of the spleen, kidney, and liver connect. By stimulating this point, it is possible to strengthen the main digestive organs of the body. When the healer performs cupping therapy on these points, the treatment can balance digestion and enhance the immunity of the body. In addition, it can tonify the blood, eliminate dampness, ease symptoms of pain and regulate menstruation functions in the female body.

Point 3: Lung 7

Where to find it: The Lung 7 point is located on the inside of the wrist just above the crease of the joint. Place your thumb below the crease and then check for the point between the two tendons. This tender area is called the styloid process.
Importance: The Chinese believe that the lungs link most closely to the immune system. They call the tender organs since they connect with the environment by way of the mouth and nose. Most diseases like the flu, colds, chills, congestion, headaches, coughs, sore throats, and the resulting fever or asthma are usually caused by pathogens entering the body through the nasal passages or the mouth. Cupping therapy when performed on the Lung 7 can help prevent these diseases by fortifying the lungs and building immunity to these conditions.

Point 4: Large Intestine 11

Where to find it: When you bend your elbow, check for the point outside the crease on the outside of the arm. Palpate the point a little and you’ll notice this spot is more tender as compared to the surrounding tissue. This the Large Intestine 11.
Importance: By using cupping therapy on this point, it is possible to remove the heat in the body and alleviate fevers. Heat or fever can be caused in the body because of inflammation, sore throat, red eyes, toothaches, and various skin conditions. Cupping can also help protect the body from colds, the flu and also, lower hypertension

Point 5: Kidney 27

Where to find it: Find this point at two thumb widths just under the clavicle or collarbone from the center. You will feel a slight depression between the clavicle and the top rib. This space is also called the first intercostal space. You might feel that the spot feels a little sore if you have contracted an upper respiratory infection.
Importance: Surprisingly, the kidneys are connected to disorders of the lungs and chest such as asthma, cough, wheezing, bronchitis, and an excess of phlegm. Cupping therapy can alleviate these symptoms by strengthening the kidneys to prevent frequent lung infections.

Using Sliding or Massage Cupping

Typically, sliding cupping or massage therapy is performed on the five points also called zang organs. They are the liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and heart. This form of cupping therapy may also be conducted on the fu organs such as the stomach, gall bladder, large intestine, small intestine, urinary bladder and the triple energizer also called the sanjiao. By stimulating all these organs, it is possible to boost the immune system of the body and prevent diseases from occurring.

Certified, licensed practitioners receive detailed training in the specific points to target to enhance the body’s resistance to diseases, pathogens and allergens. Make sure you consult an expert healer should you opt for cupping therapy.

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