Implementation of Feng Shui for Good Health

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that can help bring good health, prosperity and harmony in your life. This science is based on the philosophy that since humans live in the universe, our bodies, minds, and souls are a part of the cosmic framework. For this reason, the five elements such as air, water, fire, stone, and wood that make up our environment and the eight directions can all influence every aspect of our lives. Any disparities in the synchronization of the elements and directions in our living and working spaces can adversely affect health, wellness, wealth, and career.

It may not be possible to correct the structural Feng Shui defects of your home or even move out if the negative energies of the house are creating discord in your life. To realign the positive energies and harmony, you can place certain objects at particular spots at critical locations around your home and workplace. Do keep in mind that Feng Shui cannot cure illnesses. But, by bringing harmony into your home, you can lower the intensity of the illnesses and help them get better faster. Here’s how you can implement Feng Shui in your life.

If you would like to learn more about how to bring the positive energies of Feng Shui into your life, Click Here for a detailed manual.

Image result for laughing buddha water fountainGet Rid of the Clutter

Check your home and clear out all the old stuff that you don’t use anymore. Old newspapers, books, clothes, shoes, kitchenware and other unwanted items can be donated. If you have appliances, devices, and other machines that don’t work, get rid of them or have them repaired to restore their working order. Pay special attention to hallways and doorways. Make sure they are clear so you can pass through them easily.

Get Plants

Plants can add cheerfulness to your home and liven it up. Feng Shui says that they bring positive energies into your home. Place them in the southeast, south, or east corners of your home or workplace. If you have plastic or dried and dead plants like potpourri, remove them. Silk flowers are acceptable since silk is a natural fiber. Never have cacti or any other thorny plants placed indoors. However, since they protect you from illnesses, place them on a window sill or just outside your home. Feng Shui also advises against bringing bonsai trees since they stand for stunted growth and can have ill effects in your wellness. Choose plants that have large, broad leaves since they are very effective in absorbing the radiation from your electronic devices.

Managing Water

Water is one of the main natural elements in your home and should be used with care. If you wish to install a fountain, place it at or near the main entry door. Or, bring in the energies of running water by putting up a picture of a waterfall over a great height. Never have images of stagnant water. Make sure that the kitchen and bathroom drains are clear and clean. Cover the toilets when not in use and keep the bathroom door closed.

Image result for feng shui symbolsEffects of Color

Keep a careful balance of color in your home and reap the many benefits. For instance, warm and bright colors bring in positive vibrations and energies that in turn, can provide you with good health and happiness. For instance, if you have dull colors in your home such as the upholstery, walls, or curtains, hang up pictures with bright colors to balance them. You will sense your mood lifting up instantly.

Good Ventilation and Lights

Open the windows of your home and allow in the sunshine, natural light, and fresh air. They will bring in happiness and good vibes along with the Yang energy. While tube lights and white fluorescent lights help you save energy, they also lend a harshness to your home and are not recommended byFeng Shui. Opt for warm, yellow lights or cover the existing lights with colored lamp shades. They will fill your home with positive vibrations.


Incorporate Feng Shui into the use of mirrors and you can use them to redirect energies in the proper way. Feng Shui advises that you place them carefully so that they reflect only the good things. For instance, they must be placed in such a way that even the tallest member of the family can see himself fully in it. Also, make sure that the mirror does not show distorted images. Placing the mirrors in the east can help promote good health. Never allow the mirror to reflect objects like:

  • Drains or distasteful sights
  • Kitchen stove and the flames in it
  • Another mirror
  • Toilet seat
  • Bed, doors, and windows
  • Cluttered spaces

Placing Crystals

Modern day homes have different electronic devices in them that emit electromagnetic radiation. Such devices can include microwaves, cell phones, iPods, MP-3 players, televisions, and computers. Placing crystals in clusters around these devices can help offset their negative effects.

Other Feng Shui Items that Help

When looking for decorative items for your home, look for items made from wood, ceramic, jade, and metal like fruits, dogs, fish, frogs, dragons, cranes, doves, and tortoises. Also, bring in key chains, crystals, amulets, statuettes of the Buddha and Sau, gemstones, wind chimes, coins, wu lou or Chinese gourds, and bracelets. Objects made from bamboo are especially helpful for restoring good health to the resident.

Placing of Furniture

Try moving furniture around so that you can deflect the bad energy. For instance, if your bed has a shelf above it, remove it or move the bed. Also, don’t have beams or a ceiling fan above your bed. If you need air circulation, replace the ceiling fan with a floor fan. When working, place your desk in such as way that you sit with your back to the solid wall. Replace vertical blinds with horizontal slats.

Choosing a Home

If you’re planning to move, look for a home that is away from places such as a church, graveyard, or funeral home. If you live near one, check with a Feng Shui expert for directions on the objects you can place around your home to offset their effects.

Feng Shui is a fascinating science that has the potential to bring good health, wellness, and peace of mind to you. It is a non-invasive method that simply involves the placing of certain objects around your home. Its simplicity, yet profoundness makes it a very interesting method to restore the cosmic balance of your home and workplace.

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