List of Cupping Therapy Certifications

Here is a list of some of the training and certificate programs related to cupping therapy and hijama.

1. Contemporary Cupping Methods Certification Program

This program offers therapists training at a range of locations in North America, Canada, Europe and Asia. Learners can choose the location and days of the week that suit them best. The course includes theoretical and practical training via audio-video channels along with charts and manuals. Students also practice on seven kinds of cupping sets. On the last day of the training, they receive certification in CCM or Contemporary Cupping Therapy and the opportunity to buy the sets they need to use. Taking the course automatically earns learners the membership of the the International Cupping Therapy Association. A typical 24-hour 3-day course can cost around €495 / £410 / $690.

2. Hijama Cupping Certification Course

Presented by the Director of Hijama Clinic and certified practitioners, this course is available for male and female learners. You can complete the course within a day covering comprehensive training in the history, techniques, and physiology of the human body. You will also receive instructions on the precautions to take before the final practical training. You can register for the course online by visiting the site and take the course for £475 per learner.

3. Hijama Training Institute functioning under the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA)

Learners can take the online accredited Level 5 higher diploma Hijama course and get their license to perform Hijama cupping therapy. After taking the course, you can also become a member of the GRCCT. The course covers 6 units delivered over 400 hours including practical training at the end of which students can take a practical exam. You can pay the fee for the course by way of a full payment or in monthly instalments. A typical course could cost you £828.75.

4. ACE Massage Cupping MediCupping

This site offers both, full courses and the opportunity to sit for their exams and get the necessary certification they need. By completing the full courses, students can get NCBTMB approved 12 CE credits and the necessary certification to practice as a certified ACE Massage Cupping Practitioner. You’ll have to pay a fee of $120 for the courses and $40 to sit for the exam.

5. The Optimum Cure & Care – Traditional Islamic & Holistic Health Care Academy

Offering Level 4 courses, this institute is registered in the UK, but offers courses to learners all over the world. You can check the different modules of the courses online and the duration of the program is for nine months. You will receive certification under the regulation of the GRCCT and obtain a diploma at the end of the course. You will also receive a TOCCA membership free of cost. While the typical fee for the course is £650, you can avail of the discounts the site offers from time to time.

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