Massage Cupping Supplies

Incorporating cupping into your massage practice is a great way to enhance the service options available to your clients. Like massage, cupping therapy is an ancient practice with  modern supplies available to make the therapy easier to administer and more enjoyable for the client. Here is our beginner’s list of supplies for offering massage cupping therapy.

1. Massage Cupping Therapy Table

A good quality massage table can prove to be an indispensable tool for any cupping therapist such as an expert practitioner, student, new therapist or even a healer working from home. It must have a face rest so that cupping can be performed comfortably on the back. An adjustable headrest and bolster, and a hanging arm shelf can also add to the comfort of the patient. A massage table must also have a high grade covering to protect it from massage oils spills and any other kind of damage. A portable carrying case for working at clients’ homes and workplace, or simply for packing away as a space saving accessory can prove to be a huge advantage.

2. Therapy Table Sheets and Covers

Every cupping healer must have a supply of high-grade sheets and covers for the massage table. These covers help to protect the table from damage, and also, provide the necessary sanitary conditions by changing them before treating each patient. Sheets are also necessary for draping the patient.


3. Silicone Cupping Set

This set includes 100% silicone cups. They are highly flexible and ideal for use in massage cupping sessions. Their best advantage is that they can be used over skin with any texture and also over bony projections like the elbows, shoulder blades, spine, and knees. Unlike rubber, they do not degrade when used with oils during massage cupping.


4. Cupping Oil

Oils provide the lubrication needed by the therapist when conducting massage cupping or gliding cupping. While any kind of aromatherapy oils can be used, basic oils like coconut oil, lavender oil, or eucalyptus oil. Herbal oils that contain Tibetan saffron, white cardamom, frankincense resin, and wintergreen oil also work very well. These ingredients have been known to aid in the healing of injuries and release any obstructions in the free flow of life energy or “qi.”

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