A Guide to the Negative Ion Generator

Negative ion therapy is the art of healing using negatively charged ions. These ions are the invisible molecules that we inhale in locations such as beaches, waterfalls, and mountainous areas. Tasteless and odorless, these particles are known to set off biochemical reactions in the body that can heal various ailments. You can now use these ions to improve the ambience of your home or workplace by using negative ion generators that release these ions into the air.

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What are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are oxygen atoms infused with an added electron. They form as a result of the decay of radioactive materials in the earth’s core or the sun’s cosmic rays reaching the surface at the poles. Negative ions are also created in the air and water with a special concentration in areas where there are more of natural elements such as running water like near a river or waterfall and just after a thunderstorm. The freshness in the air that you sense and the boost in your mood are all the effects of the negative ions in the air. Typically, such locations have thousand of such ions in the air as against closed homes and offices where they may number in a few hundred and sometimes nil.

How Negative Ions Work?

Negative ions can have many positive effects on your physical, mental, and psychological health. Here are some of them:

  • When you inhale negative ions, they reach your bloodstream where they stimulate the production of the chemical, serotonin – a feel-good hormone. Instantly, you start to feel happier, stress-free, and relaxed. In this way, negative ions help keep away depression and are also called natural antidepressants.
  • The better mood infuses a burst of energy and you feel ready to take on the world.
  • Negative ions work to promote the supply of oxygen to the brain that helps raise mental energy, and cognitive and concentration abilities. You will find that you perform better and also have higher productivity levels.
  • Allergies are caused by the particles in the air that you breathe such as dust, viruses, bacteria, cigarette smoke, odors, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and any others. Since these particles are positively charged, negative ions are attracted and get attached to them. Once they become too heavy to remain airborne, they drop to the ground or attach to any surface close by. Thus, they help clean the air you breathe and protect you from allergies and other respiratory issues.
  • Image result for negative ion generator devicesBy improving the functioning of the cilia in the respiratory system, negative ions reduce the chances of irritation and inflammations. Thus, you’ll notice fewer coughs, colds, flu, and allergies from hay fever.
  • Negative ions can promote the circulation of blood in the body and thus help patients with ailments such as diabetes, chronic fatigue, and any conditions that cause pain.
  • Since negative ions lower stress levels, they can help you with disturbed sleep patterns.
  • By installing a negative ion generator, you can reduce headaches and sickness.
  • As the negative ions circulate in your body, they negate the effects of the harmful free radicals in the body. Thus, they can effectively lower hypertension and regulate your breathing.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a condition where the patient feels depressed in the same season each year. Most people face this issue during the winter months when they have feelings of sadness, depression, and moodiness. Your negative ion generating device can help treat this condition.

What is a Negative Ion Generator?

A negative ion generator is a device that can emit negative ions in your home and workplace. Perhaps, the most effective of such devices in your home is the shower. Moving hot water and the steam it generates can infuse your body with the beneficial ions. This is why; you feel refreshed and revived after taking a shower each morning.

Aside from the shower, you can purchase and install a negative ion generator in your home. This device works on the same principle that governs the creation of lightning in a thunderstorm, namely the corona discharge. A stream of electrons is directed to the point of a needle where they are forced into a smaller space in the point. Since similar charges repel each other, the electrons are pushed off the needle where they affix onto the closest air molecule and create a negatively charged ion.

As more and more negatively charged ions are created, they float further from the source into the different areas of the room. Depending on the strength and effectiveness of the generator, enough negative ions can be charged to cover the furthest corners of the room.

Why Install a Negative Ion Generator?

Modern structures like homes and workplaces have many different devices and objects that emit harmful positive ions. These appliances include televisions, air conditioners, clothes dryers, and digital and electronic devices like computers and laptops. It will surprise you to know that your carpet and upholstery also emits positively charged ions. This is why, staying indoors makes you feel sleepy and lethargic but stepping outdoors or even opening the doors and windows can make you feel fresh, invigorated, and energetic. By installing a negative ion generator, you can neutralize the adverse effects of the positive ions and restore health and wellness.

Side Effects of the Therapy

Image result for negative ion generator devicesLike all therapeutic devices, negative ion generators should be used with caution. Here are some possible side effects that can occur from the improper use of the machine.

  • Negative ions can promote better circulation and prevent the formation of blood clots. For this reason, patients that have just undergone surgery or are taking blood thinners must use the device with care or it can cause bleeding.
  • The creation of negative ions can have varying effects on individual people and may not be beneficial to everyone.
  • Negative ion generators need regular maintenance since dust can collect around them.
  • Take care to choose ionizers that emit negative ions and not ozone and nitrogen oxides that can cause damage to the lungs. If you smell an odor similar to bleach or fresh air coming from the device, have it checked right away.
  • The efficacy of the device is the most at closer range and as the distance increases, it may not be as effective.
  • Negative ions can act like static so you might feel a slight electric shock when you touch a metal object. Make sure that all electronic devices in the room have the proper grounding.
  • The high energy levels stimulated by the ionizer might result in your being unable to feel inner exhaustion. Use the device in moderation.

Research on the Effectiveness of the Therapy

Scientific research has been able to prove that negative ion therapy is highly beneficial for various ailments and conditions.

  • Researchers at the Columbia University have been studying patients with SAD and have found that using negative ion generators can help relieve the symptoms of depression. However, studies are still being conducted to assess the appropriate doses needed.
  • Author of the Owner’s Manual for the Brain, Pierce J. Howard Ph.D. (Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences) talks about how negative ions can boost oxygen supply to the brain and thus reduce lethargy with higher levels of alertness and mental energy.
  • Norwich Union has installed negative ion air cleaners in their workspace where employees use computers and other electronic devices. They have found that it helps reduce headaches and illnesses.
  • Human Factors, the acclaimed journal published an article, “The Influence of Negative Air Ions on Human Performance and Mood” in 1981. In it, there is mention of a test conducted on a group of people with ages varying from 16 to 71 years. The results showed that the subjects were able to respond faster and had better mental energy under the influence of negative ions than in a normal atmosphere.

Given these many benefits and the results of studies on the therapy, it would be safe to say that negative ion therapy can prove to have beneficial effects on people if it is used with care and under the proper supervision.


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