Spiritual Healing Overview

A form of healing that can be used to assist the treatments given by conventional medicine, spiritual healing is about treating not just the person’s body, but also the mind and soul. It is a holistic approach to health and wellness that includes different kinds of healing modalities. It is important to remember that spiritual healing has nothing to do with religion per se. This form of healing works to treat the innate energies that exist in every human and align it with the cosmos.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Related imageSpiritual healing has its roots in spirituality that again is not a religious concept. As the Dalai Lama defines spirituality in Ancient Wisdom, Modern World, he says, “Spirituality is concerned with those qualities of the human spirit – such as love and compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment, a sense of responsibility, a sense of harmony – which brings happiness to both self and others…”

Spirituality is the science of undertaking a journey where you can harmonize your body, mind, and soul and build a connection with the inner person. When you start to understand your feelings and emotions, identify their source, and learn to let go of the negative feelings and energies, your body starts to heal. Your experiences and memories might result in feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety. And, these feelings manifest themselves as illnesses and ailments.


Essentially, spiritual healing believes that all illnesses have their roots in three main factors:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Memory and the trauma of bad memories that imprint themselves in the psyche
  • Negative thoughts of anger and resentment towards the people who have hurt you

When you work with a spiritual healer, she helps and guides you in discovering the inner feelings that have resulted in disharmony in your body. Such therapists have learned self-consciousness and how to use it to help others. In time they can help you achieve the same level of awareness so you can help yourself heal. As you find relief from the troubles, you develop inner strength, peace, and a sense of balance.

Spiritual healers can work with any person, young or old and even babies, young kids, and animals. They may not even ask you for reimbursement, but only that you place your trust completely in them and accept the healing with an open mind. If you have a positive attitude towards the healing process and accept the need to change your thought processes, you will find that the treatment is very beneficial.

How Spiritual Healing Works?

Image result for giving healing energySpiritual healers use their heightened sense of awareness to convey healing energy into your body. They may place their hands on your head or chest, or may use their minds to detect the areas of your body that are troubled by the blockage of energy. They may also try to understand the inner feelings and issues that you’re battling with. They use different mediums such as healing the auras, realigning the chakras, or repairing the energy field around your body. Some other healers use visualization techniques and past life therapy to heal. Each spiritual healing session could take an hour or more to complete. And, the number of sessions you need can depend on the unique needs of your mind and body.

As you learn to accept the healing and benefit from it, spiritual healers will impart the knowledge to you so you can continue to use it to heal your body. In this way, such healers use a dual approach to help the people that come to them. To help you with the mental and psychological issues you have, they may show you how to use mantras, prayers, or chants so you can reach self-awareness and raise the positive energy inside you. Other techniques you could learn include meditation, breathing exercises, and healing the energy.

How the Spiritual Healing Session Progresses

When you come in for a spiritual healing session, here are the expected steps:

  • The therapist will begin by requesting that you take off your coat and hat along with spectacles if you’re wearing any. This request is intended to help you relax completely.
  • You’ll also be asked to remove your hearing aid, if you have one, and switch off your mobile phone so the session is not disturbed.
  • If you use a wheelchair, you can receive treatment in it. Otherwise, you can lay down or sit in an armchair, whatever makes you comfortable.
  • The therapist will proceed by explaining how the session will progress and ask for your permission to continue.
  • On receiving your consent, she will place her hands on you. The placement is carefully monitored by the Code of Conduct laid down by the Spiritualists’ National Union. This part of the session is called “Contact Healing.”
  • The time for each session depends on individual patients.
  • You will be asked to relax completely and quieten your mind of any thoughts and feelings. Closing your eyes helps the process.
  • During the session, you might feel sensations of warmth or coolness while some patients do not feel any sensations.
  • The progress and complete details of the sessions are carefully recorded on a card and kept strictly confidential.

Any treatment provided by the spiritual healer is always given in conjunction with the conventional medical care you’re taking. Follow all the recommendations of your doctor and make sure to inform him of the spiritual healing sessions you’re taking.

Progression of Spiritual Healing

With each stage of the spiritual healing process, you’ll go through different stages:

  1. You enter a state of deep relaxation by focusing on your breathing.
  2. You relive the memories and incidents in which people hurt you or when you hurt them.
  3. You relive each instance, explore your feelings and perceptions towards them.
  4. You gradually let go of the guilt of hurting people. You also learn to forgive the ones who wronged you. In this way, you relieve your soul of the deep, profound pain you carry with you.
  5. Forgive yourself for not living up to the commitments you made to others. Accept that you have your limitations and it is not always possible to keep everyone happy. Let go of that guilt.
  6. Allow your soul to heal after coming to terms with the trauma and memories of the past.
  7. Revel in the sensations of lightness as the load lifts and you feel free.
  8. Build a connection with every cell of your body and direct them to heal themselves.
  9. Feel a warm, white glow enveloping you that has the power to heal the pain and negative feelings.
  10. Allow the rejuvenating energy of the cosmos wash over you and take away the illnesses. Feel healed and contented with all that the universe has given you.
  11. Express thanks for the positive factors in your life.

By following these steps, again and again, you’ll reach the state of self-awareness, peace, and tranquility that will reach every cell of your body.

Benefits of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing believes that every person has the power to heal himself or herself. You only need to reach deep inside you and connect with the inner consciousness. Here are some of the benefits you can reap from spiritual healing:

  • Alleviate depression and regain your enthusiasm for life
  • Resolve your feelings about any unhappy relationships or maybe, an unsatisfying job situation
  • Get over your fears and anxiety
  • Regain optimism and belief in yourself by having your questions answered
  • Learn to deal with the demands of your personal life and career
  • Heal from chronic ailments

Research into the Effectiveness of Spiritual Healing

Dr. Gloria Gronowicz Ph.D. conducted studies on the efficacy of spiritual healing on a three groups of human cell cultures. While two of the groups were placed under the care of a trained touch healer and novice students, the third group was left unsupervised. It was found that the groups of cell cultures care for by the touch healer showed significantly higher rates of growth as compared to the groups tended by the students or left uncared for.

In Conclusion

Spiritual healing is the science of treating the patient by helping create harmony in the mind, body, and spirit. By synchronizing your body cells with the healing energies of the cosmos and the peace and tranquility of your soul, you can heal the ailments that are a projection of the imbalances. Try adopting this amazing modality and you’ll find serenity and harmony returning to your life.

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